Friday, September 9, 2011

Painted White Part 4

Finally!! I am disappointed with my pics but since the piece of furniture has gone to the shop I can't fix them.

To recap - the piece was painted old white chalk paint - allowed to dry - a layer of gray chalk paint was applied with a dry brush technique.  Dry brushing is applying a small amount of paint to the brush and then brushing that off on a paper towel - very little paint on the brush.  After the dry brushing was completed the piece was distressed - sanding down in different areas to make the piece have a warm, used look.  Then the Annie Sloan wax was applied.  The clear wax was used and not a heavy layer. 

That should be it but it isn't.  About two weeks ago I read the blog of a woman whose name I cannot remember but when I do I will credit her for the info on 1005 Design Aluminum Designer Backsplash Panels.  This company is about to launch their product and it seems to me to be fantastic.  Chris said he wanted to use it in our kitchen and he does not volunteer to do things like that very often so you know he likes it.  I called the company to get info on where I could purchase the panels.  I spoke to Jana Moses who told me that it was not yet available in stores.  I was so disappointed because I really wanted to try it out on this piece.  Jana, the sweetheart, offered to send me a piece to try.  It arrived and wow!  Thank you, Jana.

There are several designs shown on their website that are gorgeous.  I have a close up of the panel we received.

I wish it was brighter but the panel is on the inside of the table - to give it some updated bling.   Chris installed this and he said he had no trouble cutting and adhering (using construction adhesive).  The next pic shows the whole piece with a bit of the panel inlaid in the door.  I love it! 

We can't wait to use it again on a bigger piece of furniture (and do the kitchen).  Jana at 1005 Design will be so tired of my asking when it is hitting the stores.      Click here to link to their  website. 
This product will have many more uses than just backsplash and I can't wait to get my hands on it.  BTW - I am not being paid to say any of this - I really mean it.

I hope you like the finished product after all this time.  I think it was worth waiting for.       Be well. 

P.S.  I just took a good look at the pics again and they stink.  They looked o.k. to me when I took them but I did have my eye patch on.  From now on Chris will take the pics.   Sorry.


  1. Thank you Jeanne, you are very sweet! i think this is beautiful! Don't worry you are on the product launch list for when you can start purchasing for future projects. I am glad you like it and it worked so well for you!

  2. Thank you. I wish the pics came out better. I have an aneurysm from my brain to my eye and I wear a patch to keep the strain off. I am having surgery up there in the brain on Oct. 5. Anyway, I guess that's why the pics are not great anymore. Please hurry and get the product in stores. I don't want Chris to lose his enthusiasm. He is talking about it to everyone. We will send you before and afters.