Friday, September 16, 2011

Painted - Swedish

The websites and blogs that I have come across lately are about Swedish design and style.  Because of Google translate I actually know what is written.  I am inspired by the clean, fresh, simple statements the rooms make both in decorative accenting and furnishing.  Today Chris is painting the ceiling in our kitchen.  Even though I would be able to speak with him about this style, he wouldn't really look at the pics.  This will have to wait until tonight or tomorrow.  We have a dining room set that is waiting to be refurbed and refinished.  I would like to do it in this style and start searching for just the right fabric for the chair seats.  We haven't yet sat down to discuss this project since we rec'd the pieces so I don't know what he is thinking - or, if he did tell me I have forgotten (most likely this is the case). 

I will post some pics with the swedish style later today.

Later.  Jeanne

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