Sunday, September 25, 2011

Painted - New Things

How are you all?  The New England Patriots did not win today so my spirits have sunk BUT it is only a game and they are getting paid millions of dollars even if they do lose.

With all the skill I can muster I will post the before and after pictures of two completed pieces. 

it is upside down, but you get the idea, right?

 just turn your head a little to the right...
that's better ....

This a heavy, "mid-century", maple, drop leaf table.  The top has been refinished with ebony stain and wax.  The pedestal has been painted in Old White chalk paint.  (We have to use up the chalk paint we have before we make our own.)

I must make a comment before showing the other pics.  I dislike the term "mid century" because it makes the assumption that everyone knows to which century it refers.  Whoever coined this phrase was being presumptious.  This is not a big thing but now you can imagine me gagging everytime I have to use the term.

please turn your head to the right....

I do apologize for the positioning of the pics.  I do not know how to rotate.

This side table is probably from the 80's and was given to us by a neighbor of my friend, Debbie.  Debbie has nice neighbors.

The piece was finished in old white chalk paint and poly.  Chris decided not to use wax because he wanted the finish to shine as much as the mirror top.

Tomorrow is trash day around here.  Before it gets too dark I am going to drive around to see if anyone has thrown out anything good.  Hey, at least I am not dumpster diving.....


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