Monday, August 29, 2011

Painted - Chalk Paint

This is an attempt to do a link with Molly Susan Strong.  She is featuring Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint and has done her link.  I will follow her instructions and see what turns out!

One of our creations - before and after...

It would be great if you visited Molly Susan Strong   Enjoy!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Painted With Inspiration

I follow the blog of European Paint Finishes with great interest and awe.  This is also the work of a married couple and their work is sooooo good. I wrote and asked if I could show their work here for even more appreciation.  They agreed and here is a shot of one of their many outstanding pieces.

Isn't it beautiful?   Their blog address is  Please visit to see all of their beautiful work.

Painted Happy!!

Chris and I are excited because today we received our first follower and comment.  Thank you so much for joining us, Pink Patent Mary Janes.

Painted Using Fabric and Tools

The first pic is of the fabric used.  The thin stripe is the same green as the fabric for the back of the chair.  It shows well on the chair if not in the pic.

The second pic is of the black paint - Rustoleum and the super-duper Hitachi staple gun and rounded staples.  This tool is powered by compressed air and one could probably build a house with it (o.k., maybe not a house)! 

The third pic is going to be retaken.  It would have been nice to be able to see the chair.  I will do that in a bit.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Painted Pickups

When one's husband doesn't need to use the GPS to locate a house in the hinderlands of Florida - don't believe him.  So two hours later we pull up to a beautiful mfg home with lovely gardens, horse barn, horse, goats (lovely peaceful things) and a yapping dog.  We met two great people who were selling an old china cabinet.  We were brought into the house while being told that there was no a/c or electricity except for the generator.  It seems that they moved from Chicago with all their stuff to a house that had been stripped to the outside walls and all copper and anything else ripped out.  There is a lot more to their story but that will come another time.

Before we saw the china cabinet the woman wanted to show me the chihuahus puppies she has for sale.  She opened a door and at least fifteen dogs came running out - in the house.  What an experience!!

Here it is!!  It will need some work, of course.  Chris wants to make a new glass door for it.

I will keep you posted and post later with the chair.
Later - Jeanne

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Painted White - Part 2

Finally figured out the camera situation.  See the unfinished chair peeking out on the right side?  Tomorrow, I promise.

There is a door that covers the square hole in the front.  I intend to base coat with gray chalk paint and second coat with white chalk paint.  It will then be distressed - sanded down in some places to reveal the gray color - and waxed with dark wax on some of the edges to give a more aged appearance.  The entire piece will then be finished with light wax.  I am looking forward to the finished piece.  What I love - painted furniture!!

Painted - White

Chris convinced me that I should wait until tomorrow to get the cord since I was going out anyway and the temp now is 96.  He didn't have to say it twice.

Soooo - I put a primer coat on an end table.  Even though I intend to use Annie Sloan chalk paint on the piece I decided that primer would be best because the wood is very old pine.  Chalk Paint is wonderful but I didn't want to push my luck.

I have been trying to download a picture of the piece but I screwed up somehow and the camera won't shut off or do anything.  More later.

Painted - Without Cord Trim

I thought that by this time today I would be posting the pic of the completed chair.  While gluing the cord on I somehow twisted the cord and did not notice it until the back of the chair was done.  Ripped off the cord and left a whole line of fuzzy threads stuck to the glue.  After picking off the fuzzy threads - not as easy as you might think - I realized that the mess left on the chair with hardened glue would now have to be covered with two rows of cord.  Do I have enough?  No!  Am I off to the store?  Yes!  Talk later.....

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Painted and with Stripes

Good Morning!   I have had my coffee, read the paper and decided what to have for dinner- now I am ready to redo.  Chris is out checking out another piece of furniture.  I hope it is good - it is a smaller-sized buffet that would be perfect in a kitchen if we make it into an island or for a smaller dining area.  We shall see.

I have started to apply the fabric to the black painted chair.  The first cut of the fabric was disquieting because there was no turning back.  BUT - it seems that the piece will fit just fine.

Now I have to make the decision of whether to attach the cording to the fabric first and staple the whole thing at once or attach the fabric first and then attach the cording.  This will be trial and error.

See you next time.              Jeanne

Friday, August 12, 2011

Painted Black

Good afternoon!  Another hot and humid day in Central Florida...  More reason to stay inside and get some furniture finishing completed.  There are two pics here that show the chair in its newly painted state and with a remnant of the previously used fabric.  The third pic is the chair with the fabric removed but still with the original finish - distressed beige and brown.

The removal of the old fabric was not as much fun as I thought it would be.  The chair had triple the amount of staples needed and the glue was packed on about an inch thick.  Chris usually jumps in to help with the tough destruction phases but I was determined to do this on my own.  I won't do that again! 

V.I.P. - Very Important Part!   Remove the old fabric carefully and as much intact as possible,  The old fabric will serve as a pattern for the new fabric. 

I am using an enamel paint for the chair to insure durability.  It is flat paint but I do intend to finish it off with poly.    The only thing left now is to touch up any place I missed.  I find it easier to find the missed spots if I turn the piece upside down.

The next post will show the application of the fabric.  Chris has a super stapler that I have never used before.  I'll take pics after I have used it a little to let you know how I like it or if I stapled my arm to the chair.

Cheerio!   Have nice thoughts...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Painted Pretty

Happy Sunday!  I just returned from lunch with a great friend and though I feel as though a nap would be nice I thought doing a new post would be better.

I think it was mentioned that we sell our work at various stores.  Today I will introduce you to Pris' Place in Eustis, Fl.  The shop has just changed locations into a larger area and is still a bit up in the air.  The pictures attached display the wonderful, warm feel of the shop and the "something for everyone" attitude and inventory.  I was so disappointed (in one way) to find that the two turquoise end tables sold before I could take a picture in the shop but so happy that they sold!

This is the immediate front of the shop.  The Duncan Phyfe table is one that we restored with stain and wax.  It is a shining welcome...


The duck egg blue and white painted (chalk paint) table is one of ours.
It fits so many types of decor...

These two mirror-topped tables done in the softest yellow are
for sale now.  We had just brought them in and they had not
yet been placed.

A simple vignette has been stylized using our table.
It is painted with graphite and old white chalk paints and
has a wax finish.  This style too fits with vintage, country, traditional tastes.

Enjoy the rest of your day and have happy thoughts!

Jeanne and Chris