Thursday, September 8, 2011

Painted - Free Part 2

O.K. - this time we did not drive aimlessly lost for 2 hours to find this house.  It was a beautiful ride because it is the portion of the state that is horse country.  There are rolling hills, stately fences and gorgeous homes.  It seems as if the stables are as luxurious as the homes.  We found the house on a dirt road in the woods about 5 miles from the main road.    The woman was pleasant and informative.  We were gobsmacked because this woman could not have been more poor and live in a more rundown house than this.  She was, though, giving away a piece of furniture.  It is part of the freecycle thingy so no money exchanges hands. 
I certainly hope it all comes around.

We did have lunch and then home.  Before I had a chance to take a pic, Chris had the table dismantled.  It seats four when the sides are up and is a pedestal style.  We intend to stain the top dark and the base a light paint color.  Hope it comes out the way we imagine.

Here are a couple of before pics although the table is apart.

Stay tuned for further developments.

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