Friday, September 9, 2011

Painted White Part 3

I am so willing to admit that my brain is not functioning at its usual capacity because of both age and illness BUT I hate when I am just totally STUPID!!My intentions for today were to take the final pic of the Painted White table with the amazing flourish we did to it and then post to the blog.  I took the pics and then gave Chris the camera as he was leaving.  Did I download the pics? Of course not.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.   What I think I can do is show you the pic of the table without the flourish as a continuation of the process.

When I last posted on this piece it had been painted with AS Chalk Paint = Old White.  It has since been given a layer of gray and distressed.

Is that not gorgeous?   The paint technique - including the use of chalk paint and wax - gives the piece new life.  Wait till you see it with the flourish!!
I'll be back when Chris gets home.    Later...

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