Sunday, October 23, 2011

Painted - Grey & White

Thank  you for not giving up on me while I was off the blog.  It is sincerely appreciated.  Some of you may remember that I was to have surgery to repair an aneurysm in my head a few weeks ago.  That morning the surgeon told me that there was a better device to use that had just been approved by the FDA.  The hospital didn't have any so one would have to be ordered.  I chose to go with the better one so the i.v.'s were removed, the black x's were washed off and Chris and I went home.  We were not happy but that is water under the bridge.  The procedure is scheduled for 10/28 and I am not coming home until it is fixed.

On now to what I have just started working on.  I was told it was a "project" desk.  It is taller that a child's desk and designed a bit differently than a student's desk.  I have decided to pair it with a shorter stool so there will be no problem sitting at it.

These are the pieces before I started working on them.  They do not look too bad from a distance but they had about 4 layers of paint each.

This picture shows what the top looked like after applying Strypeze 2 times.  It took 4 applications!

This is the desk with one coat of Old White chalk paint and the beginning of the Paris Grey coat.

Here is the stool with a coat of Old White and the beginning of Paris Grey.

The intention is to distress and glaze the pieces.  Before the protective layer is applied I will do a transfer of either a vintage label or manual typewriter.  Time will tell.

Take care, Jeanne

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Painted - Peaceful

Once again I have fallen under the influence of the Swedish style.  This morning I would tranform my house to this in a split second.  The look is feminine but not in a way that would make men feel uncomfortable.  As long as everything is washable I would have the style with children in the house.

Although the decor is Swedish it reminds me of the American coastal cottage style.  Whatever it is called I want it.

Not that I post every day but I thought I would mention that I would be away for a few days. I am having that surgery on my brain tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed and have a great day!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Painted - Proud

This week is a little off for us because of doctor visits, pre op testing, the kids coming and the surgery.  Neither of us has picked up a paintbrush.  Life, however, does go on.

The thought of sifting through blogs or magazines or diy shows for some painted furniture did not appeal to me.  Before and after is what I was aiming for without doing too much work.  I am going to present one of the best "before and after" projects ever done.

There is an organization named "Rooms to Dream".  It is non profit and has chapters throughout the country.  It brings together construction companies, suppliers, architechts, designers and retailers to fill the dreams of a sick child through donations of their talent, time and material to transform his/her room into their fantasy room.  Sometimes they do hospital rooms if the child has a longterm stay prescribed or they do the room in the child's home.  The families of these children do not have much in terms of money, time or inspiration and fully appreciate the gift of happiness.

The room being presented is Jamie's room.  She is 13 yrs old and has severe asthmatic and some self-esteem issues.  She lives with her mom, sister and brother in public housing in Boston.  Although the gift was for Jamie, the group also transformed the rest of the apartment.  I don't have pics of the rest of the rooms.

Karen was the designer for the project. She and her team poured their hearts into this project and at the same time had great fun shopping for a teenager's dream room. 

Jamie told her color choices and interests and the team took off.  In one week the team was ready for the "reveal".  Tears and laughter filled the room and "thank you" a hundred times.  The team was as thrilled as Jamie and her family.  Fantastic job!  Now the pics!

                                                    after 1

                                                         after 2

                              Isn't it great!

I feel that this project is so very special because Karen, the designer, is my daughter.
I am not only proud of her work but also her charity.  She is a great woman!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Painted - Thrilled

There is reason to celebrate today!  It is cooler outside than it has been in over four months! We have hit 400 on blog views!  To Chris and I this is fantastic because it is unbelievable that people in Russia are checking in.  Thanks to all that do stop by.  We hope that you continue to do so.  And, we now have three members!  Very gratifying.

Those who know us personally are probably aware of how long and anxiously we have been waiting for October to arrive.  Today is officially MEDICARE DAY for me!  I will be 65 in a few days and I am very happy to be this age.  I am happy to be alive and almost well.  The thing in my brain will be fixed next week and I can stop playing Russian roulette.

I always threaten when it finally gets cool that I will go outside naked and do a dance.  It may just happen today.

Be well everyone!