Friday, September 23, 2011

Painted - $4

'Tis the wee hours of the morning and I cannot sleep and thought that writing this post now would serve to pass the time and save some time later.  I came across a blog named "No Minimalist Here" which is probably well known to some of you but is new to me.  The info she had was wonderful for Chris and I.  She has come up with the "recipe" for chalk paint and it only costs about $4!!     The type of chalk paint we use is $38/qt.   Quite a substantial cost savings especially since we do resale.

This "recipe" involves mixing either Calcium Carbonate or whiting powder to latex paint.  Besides saving on cost it opens up the realm of color choice to the moon!  The paint we use now is limited in color choices and does not always hit the mark.  I am thrilled.  is the link to her site.  Below is a pic of a vanity she did with the formula.  Aside from the piece being gorgeous, the whole effect is grand.

Is that not beautiful?

I am going to go hit the pillow now.

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