Friday, September 16, 2011

Painted Swedish 2

I have come back to post pics of pieces of Swedish design furniture that have caught my eye.   These are Gustavian reproductions of the 19th century.  So there is the background research and history lesson.  That's all I know.   I will be researching further to get colors and techniques used in the 19th century and come back with the info. 

For now I will present the pics and ask for your opinions.  Any and all comments are appreciated. 

The pic below is not of Reproduction Gustavian 19th century furniture.  This pic presents modern design.  I threw it in for contrast.

What do you think?   Would it be good to interpret these into a refurb of vintage pieces? 

Chris and I are going out for an early supper.  I will bring the pics for review.  Retired married couples need something to talk about at a meal and this will be just right.

Later.  Jeanne

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