Friday, September 23, 2011

Painted - $4 Update

I am back!  In reading the comments about the chalk paint recipe on "nominimalisthere" I found the one below from an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Distributor.  It is a bit biased but seems to give reliable information about the chemistry of the mix.  But, what do I know?  What is that saying, "forwarned is forearmed"?

"Let me declare straight off the bat that I have an interest in ASCP as the Scottish distributor, but alongside that I am a trained house painter and decorative painter of 25 years experience and have a lot of knowledge of making traditional paints and materials and I teach some of this in my classes in both Scotland and in the USA (am currently in SF teaching a class).

I genuinely applaud anyone who thinks out of the box, learns a little about paint technology and uses low cost materials and paints to create new and exciting finishes and this is in many instances totally possible with inexpensive materials like whiting which we use all the time. Whiting is in fact already in most house paints and adding more does change the look to be like chalk paint. However just adding more whiting to latex will not negate the need for preparation and priming. It will "stick" to the surface but no lasting bond can be made and you certainly can't paint over wax and hope for it to last in the way that ASCP can - actually ASCP is the ONLY paint I have found worldwide that will go over wax successfully. I'm not saying you can't make it look the same...just you do still need to do the prep.
Likewise in the 70's I used to make a lot of wood-wash using Plaster of Paris which incidentally burnishes beautifully however once again this will not form a bond to pre-finished surfaces without primer etc.
Adding anything to paint will probably compromise its integrity as a surface coating so it will definitely need sealed.
I am not saying not to use it, just to be aware of the limitations of what you are creating."

Incidentally Annie's paint range ...all the colours intermix so you can create a lot more than just the colour chart.

Use this info as you see fit. 

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