Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Painted - All Over!!!!!

I no longer have a brain aneurysm!   I am recuperating with very little pain but a lot of sore.  Everything is almost normal again.

A couple of days before the surgery we landed a custom order of four pieces.  We will be doing a dresser, nightstand, mirror and headboard.  The customer has chosen gray and white with silver/nickel hardware.  Chris took the pics below except for the headboard.  I don't know why he left that out and I didn't check because I have been in the fetal position asleep for the last four days.

These pics are before he completed all the repairs and sanding.  Today he started the priming.

I hope to be able to get back to my things in a couple of days.  It may be corny but I am in a very happy place.      Take care.


  1. Oh, I'm soooo happy for you that you're recovering and the aneurysm is gone!! YAY!
    Take your time and get the rest you need :-)
    Hugs, Sherri

  2. Glad that your surgery went well and can't wit to see the after shot. You do really beautiful work.

  3. That is GREAT news and I'm so happy to read that! And also to say thank you for you very kind words with regards to my neighbor, Joan. I can see now that you may have a little feeling of what it may be like ... now I'm going to have to look at my old coffee table and see if I can re-do it to be more modern thanks to your blog! :) Stay well and warm (cooler up there at last, huh?)