Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Painted - Disappointed

Chris and his friend went to retrieve our pieces from one of the shops.  I didn't feel that we should visit each shop on any regular schedule because we trusted the owner to do her part - sell!  Long story short - she had our pieces hidden or covered with her stuff.  Our tables were being used to display her things - couldn't even see the tables.  The day after the pieces were brought back, a customer was here to pick up an order.  Her friend bought one of the tables in 15 minutes!  Arrrggghhh!  A lesson has been learned.

Going forward.....   Another "furniture guy" said that the wicker pieces would sell very quickly if they were painted black.  So, we are going to give it a try but not today.  It is very windy and humid (this is November but I live in Florida).  Tomorrow is my checkup with the neurosurgeon so we won't be doing it then.  Maybe Friday.

Here is the before pic.  Please feel free to comment.

Have fun and take care.

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