Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Most of the blogs that I follow are somehow connected to interior design, decorating, diy, crafts, cooking, etc.  I am always impressed with the work of these bloggers and sometimes a bit envious of what they share.  Today, however, I am so proud of the work I am sharing not only because of its excellence but also its origin - my daughter, Karen.

Karen is an interior designer in NYC with the Jeffrey Beers International design firm.  They specialize in "hospitality" design - hotels, restaurants, clubs, etc.  She has been with them for about a year and today is the opening of her first NYC project.  It is the expansion of the Todd English Food Hall in the Plaza Hotel. Not a bad way to start off.

This pic was taken last night as the chefs and staff were getting the place ready to open.  To think that she designed where every piece of silverware is stored, every liquor bottle is placed, every plate is displayed  - amazing!

Bravo, Karen!!

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