Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Painted Pickups

When one's husband doesn't need to use the GPS to locate a house in the hinderlands of Florida - don't believe him.  So two hours later we pull up to a beautiful mfg home with lovely gardens, horse barn, horse, goats (lovely peaceful things) and a yapping dog.  We met two great people who were selling an old china cabinet.  We were brought into the house while being told that there was no a/c or electricity except for the generator.  It seems that they moved from Chicago with all their stuff to a house that had been stripped to the outside walls and all copper and anything else ripped out.  There is a lot more to their story but that will come another time.

Before we saw the china cabinet the woman wanted to show me the chihuahus puppies she has for sale.  She opened a door and at least fifteen dogs came running out - in the house.  What an experience!!

Here it is!!  It will need some work, of course.  Chris wants to make a new glass door for it.

I will keep you posted and post later with the chair.
Later - Jeanne


  1. Oh it's just gorgeous - can imagine how much more gorgeous it'll look with a lovely glass door, can't wait to see the end result.

  2. Thank you and thank you for becoming our first follower. Chris is doing his planning on the door now. And - your blog is absolutely delightful. I look forward to seeing more.