Saturday, October 1, 2011

Painted - Thrilled

There is reason to celebrate today!  It is cooler outside than it has been in over four months! We have hit 400 on blog views!  To Chris and I this is fantastic because it is unbelievable that people in Russia are checking in.  Thanks to all that do stop by.  We hope that you continue to do so.  And, we now have three members!  Very gratifying.

Those who know us personally are probably aware of how long and anxiously we have been waiting for October to arrive.  Today is officially MEDICARE DAY for me!  I will be 65 in a few days and I am very happy to be this age.  I am happy to be alive and almost well.  The thing in my brain will be fixed next week and I can stop playing Russian roulette.

I always threaten when it finally gets cool that I will go outside naked and do a dance.  It may just happen today.

Be well everyone! 

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